Once upon a time on the Tea horse Road

Local performer - Shaxi Shibaoshan Singing Festival - Old Theatre Inn tours - Yunnan China

A touching story of Shaxi In March, the Shanghai media production company Yi Tiao (一条) brought a crew to Old Theatre Inn to film the story of how Chris and Nam Barclay met local school teacher Wu Yunxin, and began their journey in the Tea Horse Road market town of Shaxi Yunnan. Their shared dream was to … [Read more…]

Eco-friendly toilets for the Pear Orchard Temple

Shaxi Pear Orchard Temple new toilets- Shaxi Yunnan travel

Locally designed and built eco-friendly toilets promote sustainability in Shaxi From the time we began work on the temple, we knew we would have to completely rebuild the temple public toilets, which were no more than a hole in the ground. The main challenges were that we would need permissions from the village to increase … [Read more…]

Shaxi temple design update

Shaxi temple lanterns, Yunnan China

We began our work on Ci Yin An (慈荫庵) – Sheltered Mercy Nunnery, (the Pear Orchard Temple) in thanks for the birth of our daughter. As we planned our work, we realized that the Elders of Diantou Village had stories about the temple which were the only records of what the ancient Shaxi temple used to … [Read more…]

Cultural learning for American students in Shaxi

Students in Shaxi Yunnan posing with children and dancers at the temple

In November, students from Boston University Shanghai Center attended a day of cultural activities at the Sheltered Mercy Nunnery (Pear Orchard Temple). The group stayed at the Li Family Courtyard in nearby Xiake Village, a favorite homestay accommodation option for student groups in Shaxi. With a two-day itinerary provided by the Ginkgo Society, the group spent … [Read more…]

Summer Harvest Party at the Shaxi temple 2014

Shaxi Summer Harvest Party - Pear Orchard Temple - Shaxi Yunnan China

We recently celebrated our completion of structural renovation at the Shaxi temple with a wine tasting party courtesy of Torres Wines. Guests from nine countries came from Shaxi, Dali and Kunming to enjoy the party on Saturday with a traditional music performance, followed by Sunday brunch on the terrace. We’re looking forward to making the … [Read more…]

Summer Harvest Party – August 16th and 17th at the Shaxi temple restaurant

The Shaxi temple restaurant is now open Welcome to the Pear Orchard Temple, a newly restored Ming Dynasty folk temple in Yunnan China. This August 16th and 17th we’re celebrating the completion of the Pear Orchard Shaxi temple renovation for the past two years. We are also opening our Shaxi temple restaurant the Pear Blossom, featuring organic and … [Read more…]