Cultural learning for American students in Shaxi

Students in Shaxi Yunnan posing with children and dancers at the temple

In November, students from┬áBoston University Shanghai Center attended a day of cultural activities at the Sheltered Mercy Nunnery (Pear Orchard Temple). The group stayed at the Li Family Courtyard in nearby Xiake Village, a favorite homestay accommodation option for student groups in Shaxi. With a two-day itinerary provided by the Ginkgo Society, the group spent … [Read more…]

Pre-renovation: Interior Rooms

Most interior rooms not in the image halls are being used primarily for storage. They have not been well kept, though some floor boards on the second floor have been recently repaired. The challenge to restoring the temple is knowing what the original artwork looked like, as much of it has peeled off, been obscured … [Read more…]