Shaxi temple design update

Shaxi temple lanterns, Yunnan China

We began our work on Ci Yin An (慈荫庵) – Sheltered Mercy Nunnery, (the Pear Orchard Temple) in thanks for the birth of our daughter. As we planned our work, we realized that the Elders of Diantou Village had stories about the temple which were the only records of what the ancient Shaxi temple used to … [Read more…]

From the ground up

Restored tiles ready for installation, Pear Orchard Temple, Shaxi Yunnan

One of the largest Shaxi temples undergoes major restoration If you want to restore a crumbling Chinese temple, start with the understanding that it would be cheaper to build a new one from the ground up. This restoration project total investment is now over $100k USD and we’re far from done, though about half of the major … [Read more…]